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April 6, 2023

Taylor Tripodi
Christian Singer & Songwriter
“And the Greatest of These Is …Hope”


With a heart full of music and a voice full of praise, 25yearold Taylor Tripodi from Cleveland, OH
is on a mission to put people in an encounter with truth, goodness, and the beauty. Taylor
graduated from Franciscan University in 2016 as a Catechetics and Theology major and, after
doing youth ministry for 2 years, is now a full time musician, singer, songwriter, and worship
leader. Her music has led her all around the country and even as far as the Holy Land in Israel.
She recently began writing blogs for Ascension Press and, as the oldest of nine, she knows the
importance of speaking out in order for your voice to be heard. There are a lot of voices in our
world and in our minds every day, but the one voice that’s never truly leaned into is the voice of
God. His voice can only be heard when we chose to take the time to listen to Him and He often
speaks to us through music. She hopes that we can all join voices together in praise and be
attentive to the presence of God through her gifts of music.

“The voice is a powerful instrument. I grew up as the oldest of nine in a small suburb of Cleveland,
OH, and if I learned anything in my big family, it’s that you have to speak up in order for your voice
to be heard. That’s exactly how I feel about our world. It’s so noisy! There are so many “voices”
that call for our attention, but the one voice that’s never truly leaned into is the voice of God. God’s
voice is true, good, and beautiful, and His voice is more real and more powerful than any voice we
hear. My mission is to put people in a place to encounter the voice of God. By using the gifts He
has given me through music and songwriting, I hope to invite people to lean into the voice of the
Lord and to bring a message of hope to all those who listen.” ~Taylor Tripodi